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[ About ] Established in June 1998, Diarist.Net was the first site dedicated entirely to online diaries and journals perhaps the most promising phenomenon ever to hit cyberspace. This site, run by fans of the genre as a labor of love, has become a central resource for this unique form of expression, exhibitionism, examination, and voyeurism.

Once merely the home of The Diary Registry and DIARY-L, we've quickly grown to be one of the most comprehensive portals for web journal authors and fans alike. With new, original content every week and the most up-to-date collections of links (there are hundreds!) on the web, Diarist.Net is your best bet for navigating this diverse and fast-growing online community.

  • meet our staff
    The selfless souls that hold this hodgepodge of content and code together. Get to know our contributors and volunteers from all over the world, as well as some great folks from our early days.
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    You like us! You really like us! A modest and somewhat out of date record of honorable mentions our site has received over the years.
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    The skeleton of the Diarist.Net site. Hopefully it's not too obvious that our growth has been more organic and chaotic than plotted and planned.
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