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A special series of awards given by web diarists to web diarists, highlighting the best and brightest the genre has to offer.

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2004 Quarter Four: Winners Announced
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The phenomenon of the online journal has uncovered some of the most fantastic writers, storytellers, and designers on the web... often everyday people who manage to captivate readers and fans all over the world. They deserve to be recognized. And while other excellent award programs exist, The Diarist Awards now entering their fourth year are the most ambitious, accessible, peer-driven effort to date.

Anyone who keeps a web journal, diary, or personal weblog is encouraged to participate in The Diarist Awards. The nomination and voting stages are open, and the requirements to serve on the finalist selection panel are modest. This award program hopes to strike a compromise between the "editors' choice" and "popular vote" models, and will certainly be adapted and improved with each round.

The Diarist Awards are made possible through the work of countless journal authors and fans. Diarist.Net (through Ryan Ozawa and Jolene Baldwin) is proud to host and provide logistical support for the award program, with special thanks to staff members of the now-defunct Metajournals webzine for their invaluable early input.

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