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The stories told by everyday people are often the most compelling. But there's no denying there's something irresistable about getting inside the head of someone who's truly lived their "fifteen minutes" and then some. Below are some links to real (or at least as "real" as their handlers and public relations staff allow) online diaries, journals, and weblogs of both mainstream and not-so-mainstream celebrities. Got one ?

  • Adam Curry
    "Adam Curry's Weblog" Weblog of a former MTV veejay.
  • Aki Riihilahti
    "News" straight from the source, a midfield standout with the Crystal Palace football club.
  • Al Roker
    "Al's Journal" Truly personal notes from a NBC weatherman and new dad.
  • Alyssa Milano
    Archived homepage "notes" by the actress.
  • Anita Roddick
    Categorized reflections and rants by the founder of "The Body Shop."
  • Anna Kournikova
    "Anna's Journal" The tennis star admired worldwide for her talents... for starters.
  • Asia Carerra
    "Asia Carerra Bulletin" Personal updates from the "Dictator Nerd of Porn."
  • Avril Lavigne
    17-year-old Canadian-born recording artist behind the Summer 2002 hit single "Complicated."
  • Barbra Streisand
    "Statements" Not quite a journal; statements and speeches from the star.
  • Barenaked Ladies
    The official blog, authored by Ed, Jim, Kevin, Steve and Tyler.
  • Bill Maher
    "BillMaher Blog" Quickwitted former host of 'Politically Incorrect.'
  • Bill Willingham
    "The Story So Far" Updates by the creator of many acclaimed comic book series.
  • Brendan Fehr
    "Rant and Rage" Ramblings and Q&As with the Roswell actor.
  • Dave Barry
    The funnyman takes to the weblog format like a duck to water.
  • Douglas Rushkoff
    Media theorist, cultural provocateur, and commentator for NPR's All Things Considered.
  • Emm Gryner
    Toronto musician, Lilith Fair performer and Juno Award nominee.
  • Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
    "FleaMail" Flea writes from the road.
  • Gary Hart
    Former U.S. Senator, statesman, scholar, attorney, and writer.
  • Gene Simmons
    "News Headlines" Updates and observations of this KISS legend (and bestselling author).
  • Glen Phillips
    "Diary" Toad the Wet Sprocket singer/songwriter turned soloist.
  • Gwen Stefani
    "No Doubt" tour and band diary by Stefani and friends.
  • Hilary Hahn
    "Postcards from the Road" Tour diary of 20-year-old violin virtuoso Hilary Hahn.
  • Ian McKellan
    "The Grey Book" (August 1999 - December 2001) following production of "The Lord of the Rings."
  • Jason Mraz
    "Curbside Prophecies" Virginia-born singer-songwriter behind "The Remedy."
  • Jann Arden
    "Jann Journal" Canadian singer-songwriter.
  • Jeff Bridges
    The actor takes a different tack, posting scans of handwritten notes.
  • Jenna Elfman
    "In Her Words" Letters from this film and television actress.
  • Jenny Toomey
    Singer, songwriter, and executive director of the Future of Music Coalition.
  • Jim Hightower
    A best-selling author, political commentator and speaker with Texas roots.
  • Julie Stoffer (MTV's Real World)
    "My Thoughts" New Orleans castmember, center of the BYU controversy.
  • Kevin Smith
    Filmmaker's notes on "Jersey Girl." See also "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back."
  • Kylie Minogue
    "Kylie Diary" A Flash presentation of the musician's messages to fans.
  • Leona Naess
    "Diary" Notes from the English "avant-folk" singer/songwriter.
  • Matthew Good
    The regularly updated journal of a popular Canadian musician.
  • Melanie Griffith
    "Melanie's Recovery Journal" Chronicle of romance (Antonio Banderas) and rehab.
  • Melissa Howard
    "News" From MTV's "Real World 11" in New Orleans.
  • Michael Edwards
    From the band Jesus Jones.
  • Michael Moore
    "Mike's Words" Tidbits from the author of "Stupid White Men."
  • Moby (Richard Hall)
    "Moby Updates" Dispatches from the road.
  • Molly Neumann
    "Bratmobile Euro-Tour Diary 2002"   Member of the riot grrl punk band.
  • Neil Gaiman
    Creator of the Sandman comics and author of "American Gods."
  • Noodles (Offspring)
    "Noodles' Road Journal" Tour journal of the band's guitarist.
  • Peter David
    Prolific author who has worked in television, film, books and comic books.
  • Ricky Williams (Miami Dolphins)
    Miami Dolphins' Running Back runs his own site, and shares his own thoughts.
  • Rupaul (RuPaul Andre Charles)
    This drag queen diva is a chart-topping recording artist who has gone on to super-stardom as a performer, actor, television talk show host, author, and DJ.
  • Sally Taylor
    "Tales from the Road" Singer/songwriter, daughter of Carly Simon and James Taylor.
  • Stuart McLean
    "Vinyl Cafe Diaries" Author, journalist, humourist, and CBC Radio host.
  • Sheryl Crow
    "Tour Diary" First-person notes by band members.
  • Thomas Dolby
    "Inner Sanctum/Thomas Dolby Remembers" 80s artist ("She Blinded Me With Science") turned geek.
  • Tommy Shaw (Styx)
    "Notes from Styx" Older letters can be found here.
  • Wil Wheaton
    "Where Is My Mind?" The weblog and self-maintained site of actor Wil Wheaton.
  • William Gibson
    A blog by the science fiction author and cyberpunk philosopher.
  • William Shatner
    "Bill's Space" A journal of sorts. Site also features notes from daughter Lisabeth.

There's sometimes a fine line between a journal or weblog and a run-of-the-mill collection of PR/marketing updates. We try to limit this list to sites that include at least some measure of a celebrity's personal observations and opinions.


Celebrity diaries come and go. Here are a few celebrities who've apparently given up the ghost: Chantal Kreviazuk, Mariah Carey, Marie José Perec.

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