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Online diarists were among the first web communities to embrace the "webring" concept. They allowed people to link their web pages to each other automatically, allowing visitors to browse "sidewards" through member sites.

Diarist.Net is pleased to introduce Diarist.Net Ringlink, a free and simple ring service especially for web journalers, to help foster diary communities and as an alternative to commercial outfits like Yahoo! Webring without "Server Side Navigation Bars," heavy advertising, or frightening fine print.

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  • Journalers & Bloggers NaNoWriMo
    Escribitionists who excel at writing about themselves try their hand at fiction for National Novel Writing Month.
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* It should go without saying that Diarist.Net Ringlink is provided specifically for web diary and journal communities. There are many other options for other types of rings.

This site is still under construction and we're still working out the bugs. If you have any questions or problems, please check the FAQ (when it's there), the Ring Master Guide, and when all else fails, write us at . Please be patient we're new at this too!

Diarist.Net Ringlink is powered by Ringlink, a wonderful utility distributed under the Free Software Foundation "GNU General Public License."