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About Clix

Introducing Clix: The Diarist.Net Top 250. It's a daily list of the most active member online diaries and journals.

Of course web journals are primarily precious outlets of personal and artistic expression. But their very nature that is, being published on the web belies a good measure of exhibitionism as well. We might write to reflect and remember, but we turn to the net for an audience.

Clix is for those of us willing to embrace our inner hit slut, our subconscious page pimp. If you want to be read and find out what the rest of the world is reading, join Clix today!

The concept behind Clix is the same as other top-site lists (i.e. clipart.com or topcams.com). The more people visit a member site and click through to Clix, the higher that site is ranked. The list is currently set to automatically update every ten minutes and reset every week.

Your Clix listing can include a standard 468x60 banner for greater visual impact. And there are currently categories for independently designed and hosted sites, journals published through diary hosts (diary-x.com, diaryland.com, livejournal.com, etc.), and journals maintained in conjunction with weblogs (or via blogger.com).

Clix is just getting started, and your feedback is welcome, either in our forum, our mailing list, or by . Please pardon our dust.

Questions? Try the FAQ.