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[ News ] So you want to be an escribitionist? It's not as hard as you might think. But neither is it simple. Let Diarist.Net Guide (recently renovated!) help you navigate your way to the land of literary exhibitionism. From deep questions to technical tweaks, this is the place to start.

  Version 1.0 of the Diarist.Net Guide featured different editor's columns designed to help the beginning web journaler, including:
An early attempt at what is now the current Guide setup.

Ways to beat writer's block.

Journalers willing to help with code or graphics.

Links to tried-and-true online resources for journalers.

You may still find these useful, but they're not updated and much of the material will eventually be incorporated into the new Guide.

[ Preflight ]
What to do before you do anything, from considering the possible pitfalls (personal and legal) to coming up with a clever title.   >>>

[ Quick 'n' Easy ]

Don't have the patience to sort out HTML and FTP? A handful of free websites out there make it almost too easy to get your words on the web.   >>>

[ The Next Level ]

Want to do it the old fashioned way? Good for you. It's more rewarding (and not as tough) as you might expect. Here's a look at some tools and basic tips.

[ Bells & Whistles ]

A look at the little extras that make an online journal all that it can be... guestbooks, notify lists, forums, surveys, and more.   >>>

[ Plugging In ]

You're not alone. There's a whole community of diarists out there. Actually, several. Find out how to find the people who are as crazy as you are.

[ Page Pimping ]

So you've got a web journal. Great! Now how do you help people find it? Here are some tips to boost your hits.

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