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In order to make finding kindred souls easier, many diarists started diary lists (also known as 'burbs) that organized sites by a vast array of characteristics. These groups are less structured than webrings or prompts, which often require some form of membership.

The list is divided into the following categories:

  • General Interest: Open to all journalers sharing a specific commonality.
  • Extras: Listing journalers based on extra or special features added to their journals.
  • Geography: Lists based upon the location of the journal authors.
  • Comatose/MIA: Lists which have obviously gone without an update for ages or seem to have disappeared entirely.

General Interest Burbs:

  • Artists
    This is a list of journals maintained by people in the arts. They need not reflect their involvement, and all of the arts may be represented. These are creative people with creative minds.

  • Autumn Leaves
    Growing Older Disgracefully' - a 'burb for those in their golden years who maintain a diary or journal on the web.

  • Believe
    For those of us that have a strong sense of Spirituality, yet don't claim to be any specific religion. You believe in something, but you just might not know what it is yet, or you do know what it is, but it's non-traditional and/or can not be categorized.

  • Bookworm 'Burb
    Journalers who read, and what they read, and how reading plays a part in their lives and journals.

  • Breasts of Doom
    A boob burb. For people and the mammaries that rule them. Open to anyone who has an online journal and feels like they've got Breasts of Doom, or maybe even breasts of impending danger. Large tits are not a requirement, nor is being female. It's all in your outlook.

  • Buffy the Journal Slayer
    Journallers who have a tendency to sit at home on Tuesday nights, staring at the TV in rapt concentration. Sometimes they even watch Angel, though I'm sure most of them are still bitter about Doyle.

  • Cat People
    For the special breed of people who share their lives and their homes with that regal beast known as the cat.

  • Challengers' Journals
    Web journals from people who are or were struggling with illnesses, disability, or something else that made their life a special battle.

  • Childless By Choice
    This is the the burb for journallers who have made the decision to remain child-free.

  • Class By Itself
    Journals of college students sorted by graduation date.

  • Dirty Hippies
    For those who have found things to care about and will stand up for these things in the midst of cynicism, rudeness, apathy and skepticism.

  • Domestic Goddess
    Because women only belong in the kitchen, if that's where they want to be.

  • Diary-l Contributors
    A collection of links to the journals of some of the more prolific members of the Diary-l mailing list.

  • Don't Call Me Carrot Top!
    Journals written by redheads. Carrot-tops. Strawberry blondes. Auburn-haired wonders. Whatever their shade, they've known what it was to be the center of attention, whether they wanted to be or not.

  • Family Tree
    A directory of cyberjournals joined by an extra-special bond. Husbands and wives, lovers and partners, parents and kids, even sisters and brothers.

  • Fire Dancers
    The Duranie journalers (fans of Duran Duran).

  • Funny Pages
    Diaries whose main purpose is to make you laugh. They may have occasional whiny days, but overall these diarists like to laugh at themselves... and want you to, too.

  • Going and Going
    Journals surviving the test of time - Authors journaling for more than a year, with archives available online.

  • Health and Fitness
    Journallers who are interested in health and fitness.

  • Hot Flashes
    Journalers in or near menopause, or somehow interested in being linked with them.

  • In a Family Way
    On-line journalers who have children and write about them regularly. Also see: Rents.

  • Just a Little Queer
    Journals maintained by members of the GLBT community.

  • Koechel Project
    This page attempts to sort online diarists by their taste in music.

  • Lang Journals
    Journals written by current students and alumni of Eugene Lang College at the New School University.

  • Made With a Macintosh
    Online diary and journal sites crafted on Macintosh computers.

  • Multiple Perspectives
    Online diarists who identify as mutiple.

  • No Spring Chicken
    Those few, those happy few diaries that are by people who are actually over thirty and on the web! So get out your walkers and your adult diapers and read our wisdom, baby!

  • Non-Pussies
    The few, the proud, the hand-coders. We're the people who painstakingly toil with bleeding fingers on clattering keyboards, forsaking the easy path of the WYSIWYG editor for the honest, pure path. Revived January 2001.

  • Onymous: Bearing a Name
    Online diarists and journallers who write under their real names (not anonymously).

  • Otaku!
    A listing of journals by fans of anime and manga.

  • Poly Journals
    Journals of people who are nonmonogamous or polyamorous.

  • Potty Mouth
    We have potty-mouths. Abysmal language. We still write pretty well. And we're willing to share our lives with you.

  • Pro's Prose
    We write; therefore we're writers. We publish ... therefore we're pros. We get paid? Ideally.

  • Rents
    Journalers who are parents. Also see: In a Family Way. Founded January 2001.

  • Rollercoasters
    Hilariously funny one entry, in the throes of blackest depression the next... these diarist elude placement in either the exclusive humor or angst categories.

  • Spinsterrrs
    Single women who revel in their freedom and spinsterdom.

  • Spit/Glance/Upload
    We're the ones that write our journals like we're on a mission -- spit out that entry, glance over it, and upload it like speedy lightning. Okay, so sometimes it's not so much that we're on a mission and it's more like we're too lazy to contemplate our entries and edit them a gazillion times, but that's besides the point. This burb is being temporarily housed at the current address, but is not accepting new submissions at this time.

  • Veggie 'Burb
    Journalers who are vegetarians and discuss vegetarian issues.

  • What Do They Do?
    The things journalers do so that they can pay for their 'net access.

  • Written In Skin
    Online journallers who use tattoos and piercings as another form of self-expression.

  • You've Got Mail
    A burb for journallers who met their partners online.

'Burbs listing journals with Extras or Special Features:

  • Back Talk
    Journals with public interactive message forums.

  • Café 'Burb
    Journalers with online stores.

  • Epinionated
    For journalers who also share their opinions on Epinions.

  • Hear Hear
    Members of the journaling community who go a step further by including audio and video components into their journals, providing their readers with a new and deeper level of intimacy, and giving another glimpse into their lives.

  • Holiday
    Collections of entries written about or on a particular holiday, writing prompts, or collaborative entries related to holidays.

  • Home Sweet Home
    A listing of journalers who have created photo tours of their homes.

  • Journal Click
    As if exposing themselves with words wasn't enough, some diarists open an even more candid window into their lives with webcams. Introducing The Journal Click, a quick guide to these čber-exhibitionists.

  • JuICQ
    Escribitionists tuned in to ICQ instant messaging.

  • Out of the Kitchen
    A recipe exchange for online journalers.

  • Photogenic Journals 'Burb
    Journals which have a lot to look at in addition to a lot to read in them.

  • ScreenScribes
    Reel Journals: Diarists at the Movies. Movie reviews by the most opinionated people on the web.

  • Snapshots
    Online journallers who include a new picture of ourselves with every entry. Do we make an honest effort to examine ourselves visually as well as verbally, or are we merely exhibitionists? You decide.

  • Tell Me Dammit
    Journals with notify lists.

  • Ultimate Journaler Challenge
    Journalers challenging themselves to update every day, listed by how many days they've been going strong.

'Burbs listing journals by Common Geography:

  • Austin Stories
    Journalers in Austin, Texas and the Central Texas area.

  • Bayou City 'Burb
    Journalers from Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.

  • Burb Burb
    Journal writers stuck in Suburbia.

  • Communauté des Écrits Virtuels
    A community of French-language web diarists. Includes a forum, helpful links, and more.

  • Highway 101
    The California diaries. Revived December 2000.

  • I Am Canadian
    Canadian journalers.

  • IsleTies
    Journalers in, from, or with strong ties to Hawaii.

  • It's a Southern Thing
    Journalers living in or originally from the southern part of the United States.

  • La Société des Diaristes Virtuels
    A community of French-language web diarists. Includes a FAQ, forum, and more.

  • Mountain States
    A 'burb for journalers who live in the Mountain States region of the United States: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.

  • Not Exactly East Coast
    Journalers from the nebulously-defined Mid-West States of the U.S.

  • OzWords
    Journals of an Antipodean bent (mostly Australian).

  • Pacific Northwest Journalers
    Online journalers who live in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, or Alaska.

  • Red Earth
    Journalers in Australia, and Australians journaling from elsewhere.

  • San Francisco Bay Area Journals
    A loosely connected group of people who all live in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, keep an online journal and update at least once a month.

  • Where The Journals Are
    Journals by location, sorted by time zone.

  • Worldly Writers
    Journalers who were born outside of the United States or Canada, spent their formative years outside the U.S./Canada, or currently live outside of their native country.

'Burbs Which are Comatose or MIA:

The following burbs have not been visibly updated in more than a year:

  • Colored Pages
    A journal community for people of African and Latin descent. This burb has not been updated since 1999.

  • Fen Journals
    A dedicated haven for online journalists that are also science fiction fans. No updates since 1999.

  • Holidailies
    Journalers Updating Daily in December, 2001. Listing via Nibelung ring system. The ring is still intact for surfing, but of course, this time-limited project has drawn to a close.

  • Is That a Fact
    Journalers who keep lists of random "factlets" about themselves. Last updated August, 2000.

  • It Came from the 80s
    Izod and Rubik's Cube. Flashdance and Footloose. Pac Man and Atari. The birth of MTV and Madonna. It was the Eighties. Last update unknown.

  • Journal History
    Documenting the birthdates of the earliest journals, from 1995-1997. This site is a valuable bit of OLJ history, but is no longer being updated.

  • Keirsey Profiles
    The Keirsey Tempraments of online journalers (INTP, ENFP, etc.) Last updated May, 2000.

  • Mommies and Daddies
    One of four (two extant) burbs for parents. Not updated in more than a year.

  • Notable Quotable
    A collection of online journallers providing us with a "thought for the day" or famous quotes by writers, presidents, housewives, and song lyrics, be it famous or notorious, quotes from just about anybody who had a profound or thought-provoking statement to make to the world. Last update unknown.

  • Scopes
    Online journals grouped by sun sign. Last update unknown.

  • To Be
    For future brides and grooms staring the big "I Do" in the eye. No longer being updated.

  • Visual Cues
    Journals which offer new images in their entries on a regular basis. This burb was maintained by the late Gingko, and has not been taken over by another journaller.

  • Water Dragons and Garden Weasels
    Journals sorted by their Chinese zodiac signs. This burb was maintained by the late Gingko, and has not been taken over by another journaller.

  • Windy City Words
    A listing of journals written by residents of the Chicago area, this burb has not been updated since late 1999.

The following burbs are MIA:

  • Ankle Biters & Curtain Climbers
  • Brew City Burb
  • Home Educators
  • iQuit
  • It's All Relative
  • Meow! The Pussies 'Burb
  • Real Eyes
  • Sex Diary Burb